Our Model


2015 Habitats & Bubble Gum 066Our model involves a lot of individual and small-group work. Our focus is on promoting creativity, exploration, and hands-on experiences. After researching and observing a variety of educational models, we have chosen to incorporate the following elements into our school:



Elements of the Montessori model:

  • Mixed-age classrooms
  • Mini-lessons provided by teacher to individual students or small groups
  • Frequent opportunities for independent learning, inquiry, and exploration
  • Student choice within a range of appropriate options
  • Comfortable, organized, home-like environment that promotes movement, creativity, and stimulation of the senses
  • A focus on using real-world objects and manipulatives

Elements of the Reggio Emilia model:

  • Open, calming, and natural learning environments
  • A focus on integrating nature and providing ample outdoor opportunities
  • Encouragement of strong family/community involvement
  • Meaningful assessment through documentation and presentation of student thinking (Portfolios)

Elements of the Waldorf model:

  • Looping (remaining with the same teacher for more than one school year)
  • Handwork to build fine-motor skills and focus
  • Incorporation of music and art into cross-curricular lessons
  • Incorporation of foreign language