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As teachers, we have seen technology misused in the classroom setting. We have seen under-trained teachers use $10,000 Smart Boards to play movies in class. We have seen computer “classes” that consist of simply having each student go on a specified site for 45 minutes with no support or guidance. However, we have also observed private schools that shun the concept of technology and refuse to provide any access within the classroom. We feel both extremes are a disservice to our children.

While we do not condone using technology as a time-filler or a babysitter, we also recognize the importance and value of providing guided access to technology. We have computers, including ipads, available to each classroom in our school. We also have SmartBoards available in the upper grades classrooms. As educators, we model safe and appropriate ways to use these resources for purposes of research and tools for specific projects. As students explore various questions and concepts, they have the opportunity to use technology to broaden their research capabilities and document their findings. They may create a PowerPoint presentation on dirt bikes, design a brochure for travel to Peru, or edit and publish their first creative writing piece.

Again, the entire focus of this project is to include and value family input in order to provide individualized instruction. Therefore, you will be able to decide the level of involvement you would like your child(ren) to have with technology in the classroom. The students will constantly be working on a variety of projects directed by their interests. We will be co-participants in each adventure as we provide resources and support, including technology when appropriate, to enhance every learning experience.