School Environment

When you walk into our school, you will not see a large teacher’s desk at the front and student desks in rows. Because we have interactive lessons that include a lot of independent and small-group work, our environment is very open, engaging, and fluid. We have created a home-like environment that is organized, clean, and beautiful.2014 classroom after 045

2011 poet tree planetarium 003

These are poems by some of our former students displayed on real tree branches in our room.

We use natural colors and incorporate natural elements, such as suspended branches that can display student work. Spaces feel defined, but not limiting, as the arrangement of spaces facilitates movement. There are group rug spaces, appropriately-sized tables and chairs, cushions and pillows that can be used on the floor, and materials organized on shelves or in baskets that the children can reach. There are a plethora of opportunities to engage rather than overstimulate the senses.

The outdoor space is just as critical as the indoor space.  Again, we value fluid movement throughout all of the spaces, including the outdoors. Each day, the children have two 45-minute opportunities to go outside and run, climb, explore, and imagine.

2014 First Day of School 026