Pros & Cons

What we do not have:  a Dean of Students, Special Education staff, specials teachers, or a secretary.  Although the school does not have organized sports, we do participate in the Sweet Feet program that provides weekly soccer instruction.  We also have personal experience playing and coaching various sports, including soccer, track, cross-country, basketball, softball, and volleyball.

We do not have additional specials teachers on staff, but we teach music, art, and foreign language every day. We have experience playing the piano, singing in choirs, working with various art media, tap dancing, sewing, learning foreign languages (German, Portuguese, Latin, and Sign Language), and extensive travel. Thus, we work to incorporate many of these skills and experiences into our lessons. In addition, we have drama, music, jiu jitsu, and art classes available after school.

As for our staffing situation, without a Dean of Students or additional administration, we are unable to accommodate students with significant behavior issues. Therefore, if a student is acting out, our first steps will be to communicate with the family and work to develop an action plan that will support the child and prevent disruption to the other students. However, if we are unable to develop a successful plan within a reasonable period of time, that student will not be able to remain in our program.

We have worked with many students and families successfully and have a lot of experience building positive relationships with our students. Moreover, with a maximum of twelve students in a class and a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment, we have significantly fewer behavior issues as compared to a traditional classroom.

What we do have:  You! We want this school to be a community school that taps into the interests and talents of everyone involved. We love having families with art, music, and  skills come in and share their knowledge and experience. We have parents and family members who come in to teach drama, jiu jitsu, yoga, finger knitting, and more. We have families who share their talents in everything from animation to playing the saxophone. In addition, we are forging partnerships with members of the SCAD community, the business community, Oatland Wildlife Center, Seed to Fiber, Wilderness Southeast, etc. We are actively seeking experts in a multitude of fields to strengthen our learning process.

This is a chance for you to help design and shape a unique educational community. As educators, we also envision ourselves as learners. We would love for you and your family to become co-educators and life-long learners with us. We welcome and value anyone willing to join in our adventure!