As a parent or guardian, we know that it is a daunting decision to try a new school, especially when there is a financial cost. However, we also feel very strongly that you will love our program.

Although we would love to provide a free program, we would not be able to offer this type of program through the current public system. We do not accept any public funding because we want to have the freedom to work with families to determine the best educational path for each child without the bureaucracy that comes with the public school system. However, that requires us to cover our costs through other means.

The tuition is $750/month for 12 months for each child.

We do not charge an application fee, a materials fee, a technology fee, or any of the additional fees charged by other private schools. This is not a money-making venture. We are just charging what it costs to cover salaries, the location lease, utilities, insurance, materials, and supplies. Our budget will always be open to our families to ensure they know where every dollar is going.

Each class has nine tuition-based spots and three scholarship spots. It is very important to us to be accessible to families who would not otherwise be able to afford a private education. However, in order to provide scholarships, we have to have families able to fill the tuition spots first, since that is currently our only source of income. Once we have secured those spots, we are able to offer scholarships to eligible families.

If you would like to apply, please download and complete the application: Honor application

Families seeking to apply for a scholarship will also need to complete a Honor Application Scholarship form and submit copies of supporting documents.