Due to our small size, we have chosen to put all of our scholarship funds toward creating scholarships for low-income families rather than providing partial scholarships to middle-income families. Our hope is that these scholarships will offer educational opportunities to the children of families that have not had access to a strong education themselves. We want these scholarships to have the biggest impact possible and help break the poverty cycle.

Thus, we use the same income guidelines as the free lunch program.

In order to qualify, you must have an annual household income (before taxes) that is below the following amounts:

Household Size                Annual Income

1                                            $21,978

2                                            $29,637

3                                            $37,296

4                                            $44,955

5                                            $52,614

6                                            $60,273

7                                            $67,951

8                                            $75,647


For households with more than eight people, add $7,696 per additional person. We also reserve the right to consider any special circumstances, such as extensive medical costs, in consideration of scholarship awards.

For every three tuition spots, we are able to support one scholarship spot. Scholarships cover 90% of tuition. Scholarships also cover supplies, field trips, and aftercare (for working families). Families are responsible for paying 10% of the annual tuition cost or $75.00 per month for twelve months. The school will put all payments into a savings account until the student graduates from eighth grade at Savannah Honor Academy (SHA).  SHA will then transfer the total of those payments into a 529 education plan or other savings account for the student’s future education costs.

If the child withdraws or is expelled from SHA before completing the eighth grade, all payments made to SHA will be forfeited and the student will not receive any money from SHA as part of a 529 education plan or in any other form.

Families are responsible for providing transportation as well as nutritious lunches everyday. Families are also responsible for ensuring students are punctual, attend regularly, and complete all work assignments.

Scholarships are valid for Savannah Honor Academy only and are non-transferable to other schools.

Scholarships are NOT supported by outside funding. Scholarships are subsidized by tuition income only. Thus, we are seeking families who will appreciate this opportunity and be motivated to do everything possible to help their child(ren) succeed.

Applicants must complete a scholarship application and provide copies of supporting documents. If you would like to apply for a scholarship spot, you may download the scholarship application here: Honor Application Scholarship